Embrace Change


The Keep Calm Guy

Whatever changes you are facing in life, career, or business I can show you how to embrace the opportunities and move onwards and upwards

I’ve been there…

I’ve learnt the hard way about the emotional and psychological challenges of not just facing change but how to spot the opportunities, embrace the change, and move forward.

In 2005 I very nearly lost my life in the London 7/7 bombs. I was in the carriage that was blown up on the Circle Line at Edware Road station, and when I finally got out I was a different person. A few short years later I lost my wife to cancer and had to completely rebuild my life while supporting my family.

I now run multiple businesses, have published two successful books on change, speak to audiences about my experiences, and coach teams and individuals through change in their lives, careers, and business.


Coaching is an incredibly powerful tool that only those that have experienced it can truly appreciate.

Having someone to guide you through your thinking, gently challenging your assumptions, removing self-limiting beliefs, and identifying areas you have not even considered is truly transformational.


Looking for an inspirational speaker who can put your whole world in to perspective and reset your priorities?

There is nothing like the experience of nearly losing your life to bring in to sharp focus what is really important, what is not worth losing sleep over, and the value of making the most of every day.

My story will inspire and motivate you to make the most of every day and make a real difference to the people around you.


Two great books that will make you stop and think. How to Keep Calm and Carry On is a personal story of change. Change Leadership is for all those that are leading others through change.

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